Clamp Design

  • The Mosquito Clamp works by subverting the female mosquito hunting tactics so they see the trap as a host and are captured when they go in for a blood meal
  • The air flow system being developed is revolutionary five tube design that promises to dramatically increase  the capture area of the trap
  • Each tube contains an electric fan which draws the capture area air and mosquitoes into the trap
  • The mosquitoes and biting midges that are captured in the air stream will be directed through sets of electrified mesh to quickly eliminate them before they flow into an easily cleanable net
  • The Mosquito Clamp units will run off Mains power with the ability to modify to a battery source
  • The major lure used is carbon dioxide which is fed through a stack on each trap as carbon dioxide is used by the female mosquitoes hunting a blood host
  • The carbon dioxide along with light, heat, sound, Infrared, and Biochemical lures make up the attractant system as part of each trapping unit
  • The Mosquito Clamp is ideal for use in the hospitality industry, sporting clubs, schools, or by local councils, with potential for future development with aid organisations to help reduce mosquito borne diseases
  • Current progress will realise a working prototype by the 4th quarter 2010, and begin manufacturing mid 2011.

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